Bandi departured from the Shock
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JYenniferRiviyaJYenniferRiviya wrote on 25 Oct 2018 19:40

Nicely San Francisco Shock lovers, we've got some sad news for you. The San Francisco Shock's very own Harsha Bandi has formally announced he's moving from the boys in the Bay. The statement was made yesterday through his official Twitter.

I have lately left SF Shock to pursue new opportunities and'm now LFT for training positions in S2.

I love all that the org gave me wish both the staff and players the very best for the upcoming year. They're family and that I hope we always stay close.

The San Francisco Shock also posted a thank you and farewell article in their official Twitter page.

The SF Shock family Is Really thankful for what @ggHarsha assisted us reach at the inaugural season of #OverwatchLeague… A portion people will constantly be Harsha


As always, the Shock treats their very own as household, irrespective of their active status with the group. Harsha coached the boys in the Bay during the season of this Overwatch League. Fans will understand how much of the asset he was to the group, and it is community, and will certainly deliver the exact same drive to whichever group he unites moving into Season 2.

More info you could find here.

Here is the second statement of launch in the Shock after that of this launch of iddqd, nomy, and dhak. In the current time, Harsha is looking to fill a training role for teams entering Season 2. Hopefully he can discover a new house in one of those newest eight expansion groups. We'll keep you posted!

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