Inteview with Soe | Overwatch
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JYenniferRiviyaJYenniferRiviya wrote on 25 Oct 2018 19:49

Soe Gschwind-Penski was involved with all the Overwatch esports scene for quite some time today.

Currently, Soe is a staple of this Overwatch League broadcast, functioning week-in, week-out to offer insider information about players, teams and strategies.


We caught up with Soe at Bangkok to speak a little more about where it started, her background in esports, along with her ancient days casting building and games championship phases.

Harry: So how are you enjoying Thailand up to now?

Soe: Yup, it is my very first time in Thailand. I love it really. I mean, to be honest, I have not seen anything but the mall and a single side road from the mall. People are lovely.

Yes, it is a really major mall.

It is a really lovely mall, a fantastic side road. [Laughs] I will have the ability to research a bit tomorrow, each the talent have another day here. So we are gonna proceed roam around, not get in trouble.

So presuming a little about your background in video games and esports. Are you currently playing with games growing up as a child? What games are you currently playing?

Yeah, I played together along with my brother, even if he allowed me. [Laughs] He was constantly in control of each device we needed, and that I had to wait around for him to fall asleep before I got to also utilize them.

We can go all of the way back.

Subsequently it was things like Clonk and matters like this. This was some time ago. The very first one which was like hardcore gambling… I figure that was Quake.

Next, like literally everybody, I was just kind of at World of Warcraft for a few years… [Laughs]

Spent a great deal of time . I played with… or attempted to play a professional degree, when Quake Live came out. Obviously, that did not work out! [Laughs] I have just always been interested in gambling.

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