Interview with Chipshajen | Overwatch
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JYenniferRiviyaJYenniferRiviya wrote on 25 Oct 2018 19:52

Coming in the Overwatch League as a famous participant on a hyped-up group, he never appeared to find his location around the Dallas Fuel as they fought through their first time.

Now recently published in the Dallas Fuel, chipshajen appeared towards the World Cup to reveal what he had on a new team in a brand new meta.

I talked to chips following their first success of the weekend against Spain. Regrettably, they dropped his initial map into Thailand on Lijiang Tower.


How are you loving Thailand up to now? Have you ever had time to attempt to neighborhood cuisine, visit the sights? Or has it only been Overwatch?

Chipshajen: I have not had much time. We moved into a ramen place after. The majority of us went . Fifty is sort of where it is great, for us . Should you proceed any higher, it is likely to be a lot likely.

You men struggled a bit at the first two games. Why is it that you believe you fought and then brought it back about now against Spain?

I had been considering that walking , because taking one map contrary to Australia… We are still in the running to be eligible, although it's very unlikely, but taking off one map of Australia could have helped a lot.

It is so bizarre how player mindset can impact how you perform. If everybody is super merry, super dull, super outgoing and crying and crying and having fun in-game, you are able to do anything. It's possible to pull anything off.

From the first two games, I believe we had been playing under more stress, more reserved, not doing exactly what we were supposed to perform. It cheered up everybody and we played extremely well.

What do you consider the present meta? Would you like the meta now instead of what you're playing in Overwatch League in Season 1?

I believe, unsurprisingly, the meta is much better, but [it is ] also my taste. Back in Overwatch League, it was Zen just and that I had been thrown around on a little bit of everything, therefore I did not have enough time to… No, that I sort of neglected a little. You can not blame other men and women.

This World Cup along with another qualifiers have revealed that there is so much selection. Teams are swapping comps many times each map. You've got folks sometimes playing the GOATs self indulgent — triple service, triple tank — however when another group is aware of what they are doing they're able to swap and counter it and also the GOATs will probably violate unless they change up things also.

I think that it's cool how this is most likely the time people have been occupying personalities the many in Overwatch, which is sort of what the sport has been created to be.

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