Australia securing spot in the Finals
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Bandi departured from the Shock
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Dragonblade: 3-1 overcomes Spain
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JYenniferRiviyaJYenniferRiviya wrote on 25 Oct 2018 19:58

All of Australia wanted was just one map to secure their place to BlizzCon.

Since Denmark won the head-to-head game against Australia yesterday, that might imply Denmark will be in 2nd place and they'd progress to BlizzCon over Australia.

So coming in their game against China, it was quite clear what Australia had to perform: they simply wanted to take one map contrary to China to secure a place to BlizzCon over Denmark. They did not have to win against China, they simply needed to acquire one map.

The show started out on management with Nepal, but Australia could not shut it out regardless of winning the next round. Howeverthey had been not able to prevent China from fitting their drive, and so they lost that map too.

Matters were looking dire since the show went into Temple of Anubis. There were only two opportunities left for Australia to choose a map. Together with Australia attacking , they were able to procure Point A of Temple of Anubis, but just 79.6% percentage of Point B.


Their best chance of securing the map was a complete grasp of China's assault on Point . When it struck on China's assault, Krystal came in using a Dragonblade that might happen to be completely fatal.

Fortunately though, Team Australia completely closed down him — , cKm utilized Junkrat's Mine into boop him from the ideal side high-ground.

From that point, Australia was on cleanup duty.

Regardless of the map triumph, Australia still dropped the series 3-2 into China. China had already procured their BlizzCon place prior to the game, and are joining Australia in the World Cup finals at November.

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