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Australia securing spot in the Finals
All of Australia wanted was just one map to secure their place to BlizzCon.

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Dragonblade: 3-1 overcomes Spain
When there's 1 man on Team Thailand who's stunned, wowed and impressed the audience here in the Overwatch World Cup Bangkok Group Stage, it is Patiphan.

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Interview with Chipshajen | Overwatch
Coming in the Overwatch League as a famous participant on a hyped-up group, he never appeared to find his location around the Dallas Fuel as they fought through their first time.

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Inteview with Soe | Overwatch
Soe Gschwind-Penski was involved with all the Overwatch esports scene for quite some time today.

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OW World Cup - Paris Group Stage
It is finally time for its Last stage from the Overwatch World Cup! Three down, only Paris to proceed. Incheon, South Korea, Los Angeles, California and Bangkok, Thailand are finished, and it is time for the last stop.

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Paris Group Stage talents | Overwatch
The Bangkok Group Stage might have just finished, however, the show must go on!

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Bandi departured from the Shock
Nicely San Francisco Shock lovers, we've got some sad news for you. The San Francisco Shock's very own Harsha Bandi has formally announced he's moving from the boys in the Bay. The statement was made yesterday through his official Twitter.

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